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Innovation Awards 2016


For the third time, the yummex Middle East Innovation Awards celebrate companies pioneering leadership and innovation in the regional sweets and snacks industry.

For yummex ME 2016, more than 350 exhibitors from 46 countries were invited to register their product innovations.

The most innovative products in the categories Chocolate, Hard & Soft Candy, Bakery Products and Snacks have been chosen by an independent jury of experts.

The winning products have been displayed on-site in glass showcases at the Innovation Gallery for the duration of yummex Middle East. And - to offer the winners an additional platform – they will also be displayed at next year’s 47th edition of ISM Cologne in Germany .

These are the Winners 2016

Have a look at all the innovations in our Online Innovation Gallery

Italian Cuisine World Summit Gelato Chef's Cup


Gelato fanatics converge to make an art form out of Italian style ice cream, with winners chosen by master chefs and other experts

Benefit from synergies!


The co-located SPECIALITY FOOD FESTIVAL 2016 features at a glance (organized by the Dubai World Trade Centre):

Discover a wide range of specialist date varieties being showcased in a fragrant theatre hosted separately on the show floor.

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Sample a wide range of specialist coffee varieties brewing in an aromatic arena hosted independently on the show floor

Witness high intensity coffee making at its best as the region’s greatest traditional Ibrik specialist is revealed for 2016.

Unearth the latest flavours from Italian Michelin-Starred chefs during this influential Italian food and lifestyle event in a travelling road show format.

Enjoy master classes, taste tests, pizza throwing and much more at this three day celebration of an Italian classic.

Discover the science behind perfect pizza execution in these technical discussions exploring everything from dough handling and cooking techniques to global supply and demand figures.

Sample exquisite pasta dishes as experts battle for international acclaim.

Appraise the handiwork of risotto aficionados as they compete to perfect this popular rice dish in a world championship format.

Witness world-class espresso creation and take advantage of this ideal meeting point for business, rest and relaxation.

This first SCAE-recognised National Cezve/Ibrik Championship will test the limits in one of the oldest forms of preparing coffee in a region where it first took birth