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MENA – a region with huge potential

The MENA region is one of the fastest-growing and affluent markets on the planet – with a sweets and snacks market currently valued at 9 billion US dollars. Between 2015 and 2018, confectionery sales are set to rise by 20 per cent, with snack sales increasing by 24 per cent. These projections underline the region’s rapidly rising prominence – a reputation that is richly deserved

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13% of all new products (introduced 2014) belong to the confectionery category, and 7% in the snacks category. In terms of new product introductions tracked, the confectionery category grew by +18% in 2014 versus 2013 and snacks +7%.

With a share of 63% of all confectionery introductions the highest product launch activities have been tracked for chocolates.

Share of total confectionery introductions per sub-category (Middle East, 2014)

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In the snacks category, the most launch activity is tracked for salty snacks (40%) followed by snack nuts & seeds (33%).

Share of total snack introductions per sub-category (Middle East, 2014)

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It’s all natural: no artificial ingredients claims are in demand

As far as health claims go, clean label claims are among the most relevant claims in the Middle East. 9% of the confectionery and 18% of the snack launches tracked in 2014 have a clean label positioning (non-GMO, organic, natural or no-additives/preservatives). Especially claims around artificial colors and flavors are increasingly observed

Penetration of clean label confectionery introductions in Middle East

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